Over 40 Years in the Making. A Bit About AB International

Our History

With a history dating back to 1976, AB International Limited stands as a top-notch provider of packaging solutions and disposable products.

It was founded by Alan Brown and has maintained its current structure since 1991.

The company is now under the management of Alan’s son, David, who has been actively involved since 1998.

Over the years, we have acquired ample expertise in the development, sourcing, and distribution of a wide variety of items. These encompass gloves, brushes, hats, bags, bath and beauty accessories, boxes, and much more.

Why Work With Us

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service tailored to every individual.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, superior product quality, and prompt deliveries remains at the core of our values.

As a result, numerous prominent retail and manufacturing corporations have come to rely heavily on AB International.

Quality is in everything we do

ISO 9001 Certification
ISO 9001 Certified

Working with an ISO 9001 certified partner, you will be assured that quality and control will be at the core of everything that we do.



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